Long course only, early exit will be marked. 


***Not all the obstacles listed below will be included obstacles change with each race.  


Crosscut Clamber.  10 80/100 foot trenches built by Thor himself.

Helga’s Hillock.  Climb Helga’s hillock, descend into a warm ablution.

Wagon Wheels.  The tires fell off Thuridr’s cart.  Help her flip them back to where they belong.

Sven’s Quagmire.  Watch the first step, as you enter the soothing waters of the Zumbro river. 

Shoal Shuffle.  A nice leisure stroll on the beach.


Olaf’s Revenge.  Dare to climb Olaf’s ascent he is armed with the tears of 1000 virgins. 

Bosk Bangers.  Time to see if you and your Hammer have bonded.  Log carry??? Not here, use your new friend to move a log 10-20 feet.  ****

The Snag. This may impeded your speed as you traverse . 3-4, 6-8 foot walls . 

Sands of Fury.  You may need to pray to Olav the Holy to get up this sand hill.   

Stick Helix.  By Stick Helix we mean carry a big log in a circle. 

Rivulet Frolic.  No drakes will be coming along to help you get through this one. Stay to the shallows as you frolic along.

Gunther’s Ladder.  He built a bridge but a pesky Dragon burned it down.  You may need to hold your hammer high to negotiate across this obstacle.

Muck and Mire.  Don’t lose your hammer here or Lucifer himself will own it. 

Magnus.  Mother Nature’s way of kicking your ass!!!  Look up 200ft. Need we say more?

Thunderdome.  Magnus makes everyone crawl. 

Cultivated Dregs.  Try and stay upright and be sure your “boots with the fur” are tied.

Black door. Enter the abyss of the Black Door and you may never get out.  Be sure to ask Bjorn where the exit is located.

Olga’s Snatch.  Hope it’s not wet as you shimmy your hammer through here.

Jackwagon Trail. This is an ancient mystical creek bed.  The Vikings used this causeway to inhabit the lands to the north.

Dragon’s Tail.  Hold your hammer with all your might as you climb the Dragons tail.

Dragon’s Back.  Watch where you step.  A slip here can lead to your hammer leaving your side.