Day 1 

You may be lucky enough to already have your Hammer in your possession.  For others, you could also consider adoption over buying one new. There are many great Hammers out there looking for new homes through no fault of their own, with experience behind them that may even help you out.  Regardless, you will not choose your Hammer.  Your Hammer will choose you.  Make haste in your search, but be patient.  There are many imposters out there, so choose wisely.  Your hammer will be your guide and companion into the unknown, but beware.  If the Hammer that chooses you is less than 8lbs in weight, you are not suited for the Hammer Race.

Day 2 

Name your Hammer.  You two will endure a lot together, so you’ll want to be on a first name basis.  Be true to your Hammer and select a fitting name for your journey.  Do not let your Hammer down.

Day  3 

Allow you and your Hammer to adjust to one another in your home.  Keep it by your side at all times, and let it acclimate to your routine and mannerisms.  This is critical for you to act as one.  Let it acclimate to any other person or beings in your home as well, but these interactions should only occur through you.  Ensure the interactions are positive, so there is trust between you and your Hammer.

Day 4 

Announce to your family members that you have some exciting news.  If you are currently married or in a relationship, let your parents know that you have a new addition to your family, and introduce them to your Hammer.  If you are single, inform your family that you think you have found “the one” and introduce them to your Hammer.  If they show you reservation or objection, just understand this will be the first of many tests you and your Hammer will get through together.

Day 5 

Take your Hammer out into public.  Start by walking around your neighborhood.  Introduce your Hammer to your neighbors and let them know you are training together for the Hammer Race.  Then head into town.  Walk through the woods.  Take your Hammer into various situations.  By this time, your Hammer may be growing more confident and calling for you to put it to use.  However, it is imperative that you resist that urge for both you and your Hammer to learn the self control and awareness that you will need.  Do not give in to such petty temptations.

Day 6 

Now it is time for you and your Hammer to act as one.  Find an object to test your power.  Make sure you are in an open area and wearing proper attire in case your ability to focus that power is not yet refined.  Harness that power and unleash the fury onto your object with the intention of its destruction.  Repeat as necessary and/or desired.  Make sure to take video and/or photographs of you and your Hammer to document the glorious occasion.

Day 7 

Bask in the glory and the knowledge that you and your Hammer found each other, and that you are worthy of such a trusted companion.  Upload your pictures and video to Facebook, YouTube, and/or Twitter, and announce to the world that you are ready to compete in the Hammer Race!  That you will wield your Hammer proudly, and defeat whatever gets in your way!  And that if you succomb to the challenge that is the Hammer Race, you will at least go down swinging!