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Is it BYOH (Bring your own hammer)?

Yes.  The  race will require you to bring your own hammer.  It must be a minimum of 8lbs, and be blunt on all ends (no axes, wedges, or speared handles).  Please see our section on hammer selection to make sure you choose wisely and are prepared for the challenge together.​

Can I carry my hammer with a sling, backpack, belt, etc?

How you and your hammer get around while not racing is completely up to you.  However, during your time through the course, you must forego the aid and do without.  You might want to start working on that grip strength sooner than later....

How do we register as a team?

You will all need to register individually.  Gather 5 of your friends and decide on a name.  As individuals, select the option your team plans on participating in.  Under that option, during the registration process, there will be a box that asks for your team name.  Have everybody on your team write the team name in the box during their registration.  Teams should have some way of identifying themselves as a team during the race, so get creative and come out swinging!

What if I lose my hammer?

Sucks to be you.  You can still have a blast and complete the course, but you will not be considered a true finisher unless you cross the finish line with a hammer.  If you can somehow acquire a hammer from another racer through persuasion..... then sucks to be them.

What if my hammer is over 8lbs?

You are a beast and would make the vikings proud!  You have our utmost respect.

How long is the course?

The exact length is unknown.  We do know it’s over 5 miles, and we also know that it is not flat.

Where do we park?

There is parking on site for $10 per car.  Please carpool if possible..

Can I skip an obstacle?

Yes.  If you physically can’t conquer an obstacle, you can skip it.  However, there is a price of extra work to continue on.  Keep in mind though, the one obstacle you won’t be able to skip is the terrain itself.  So if you’re afraid of getting wet, dirty, sliding back down steep hills, and trying things that challenge your abilities, then maybe you should check out a nice easy marathon instead.

What if I get hurt?

We hope you make it through the course unscathed, but if something does happen, we will have medical staff on hand to help you out.

Are there refunds?

Sorry, but no refunds!  All registrations are final, so make sure you're going to be there if you sign up!  If you can't show up, at least you can still feel good that your registration sent some money to the Boys and Girls Club.  

Can I volunteer instead of race?

Absolutely!  Please contact us if interested in volunteering opportunities.

What do I get with my registration?

A collection of spoils, and the excitement that comes with taking on one of the best courses around!  A portion of your registration goes to the Boys and Girls club of Rochester, MN!




What are the obstacles?

Search the site!

Can I get a course map?


Will you have photographers on the course?

Yes, so you can keep your phones and cameras safely behind.  We'll have photographers along the course to capture your gorgeous selves battling your way through the Hammer Race course.

Who Benefits from the race?

Well you do.  You will get to accomplish something.  The Race is challenging.  It is a test.  Completing the race will be a reward.  


If you have any additional question , please , contact us!